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Since I started as a lash technician , it's important to me that my clients are happy. Because it gave me joy in my work and everyday life as a self-employed lash technician.

But after cleaning eyelashes on just one client for years at a time, I quickly found out that these products simply did not live up to the quality they deserved- so instead of giving them something less than what would make their experience memorable, or worse yet. Risk dermatitis and skin irritation by trying new brands all together - which no customer deserves!

I knew that this was morally wrong , because if you do not know much about lashes, how can you sell your product to others?

You may be a tipping technician like me, always looking for the next customer. But when you find one - make them happy! This is what I do since I started my own lash business, and spent time creating high quality products, so they can remember yours work when their lashes grow back healthy and strong again.

Since I started as a lash technician with an eye for sustainability , it has been important for me to my customers love what I create because it not only gives me joy during production but also every day I live off something different than many others have done before or after graduating from beauty school which gave birth to this small business , where everything is now convenient.

Overall one place, from one lash technician to another!
We are sure you will appreciate our quality and many months of work. Everything from lash quality, to your work as a lash technician!