3 good reasons to become a lash technician in 2022!

There are many reasons to become a lash technician! In the last five years it has exploded in popularity globally and this booming sector of the beauty industry is not going away anytime soon. And for good reason—clients love their thicker, fuller lashes, and lash technicians love the ability to work on flexible schedules.

1. Relationship
Since you see your customers every 2-4 weeks, you can create good relationships. Once your clientele is established, you essentially get to work with your best friends all day. How amazing is that?

2. Flexibility
Whether you work in another salon, in your own studio or outside your home, you can create your own schedule. You can work long days or short days. You are your own boss! Take the holiday, or time off when you feel like it!

3. Money
You can easily earn up to 300,000+ per year. Experienced lash artists can earn up to 400,000+ per year working only 25 hours a week. Some highly sought after lash technicians can earn 500,000 full time. Definitely worth the time and cost of the course!

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