Colors in lashes? Is it here to stay?

Do you want to step up your seesaw game in 2021?

Color in lashes?

You are already quite preoccupied with lashes, who does it best and at what price? But in principle, something completely new has come along, which has gained special momentum at the end of 2020. Namely lash color!

If you are someone who loves to embrace your favorite seasons or wants to spice up your look, then this is the perfect way. Some of the most popular colors that people are going for right now are: Blue, Pink and Purple.

That's definitely one of the things we'll be seeing more of here in 2021.

But here in little Denmark, we are a little more reserved and take things very calmly. It may seem very brave, but we have learned that up to events. Then this is the perfect opportunity to stand out!