How do you avoid customers who burn you out?

Are you also tired of sitting in despair at work because your customer has burned you out? You have a huge hole in the middle of the day and you feel like your time has been wasted. You could have had another customer you could have met later or left earlier? But you couldn't, because your client chose not to cancel her appointment or to notify you that she couldn't come anyway.

We know the feeling, you are irritated and burned out.


Here are our tips to avoid these situations!




Charge an amount of 20-50% of the price of the treatment before you confirm the customer's appointment and set aside time in your calendar. Most customers do not want their hard-earned money to go to waste. Therefore, you are almost guaranteed that the customer will show up, because they will certainly not miss a treatment if they have paid in advance. In some cases, situations will arise that mean that the customer cannot come anyway. Then you have at least received an amount in advance.




If you use a booking system, there is definitely a function that can automate reminders when the customer has booked an appointment. This reduces the risk of them forgetting their time. Our customers always receive an email when they have booked the time and when there are 24 hours to their appointment. Even if you have these reminders enabled, we still recommend that you charge a booking fee. Because it can happen that the reminder is so buried in their e-mail that they overlook it.




Make sure you have a cancellation policy on your booking system or website. On most booking systems, you must approve the company's conditions before you can book an appointment. These policies are to protect your business against no-shows and cancellations. You decide entirely yourself how your conditions should look. We recommend that you have a cancellation policy for no-shows and cancellations less than 24 hours before their time.

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We hope you could use our tips!


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