How to maintain your DasaBeauty Lashes

5 Tips to Take Better Care of Your Lashes! 🌸

It is important to take care of your lashes for a beautiful, long-lasting set. We all have different ways of taking care of our lashes. If you keep giving love to your lashes, then your lashes will give love to you!
With these 5 tips, it's absolutely KEY to maintain your lashes!

1. Keep your lashes clean!

The best way to keep your lashes is by of course cleaning them, which I'm sure you do regularly! There is typically dirt on the sides, and I have experienced this several times from my lovely customers. Can't remember to get cleaned properly through!

We offer cleansers that are specially formulated for cleaning your extensions: Our gentle, oil-free and non-alcoholic eye makeup removers have the same pH balance as natural tears and come in a foamed form, with lavender scent. 🌸

When cleaning the eye area to remove makeup and eye shadow, we recommend applying the cleanser to a cotton ball. Be sure to spend plenty on the cotton pad because the dry cotton can get in your lashes. Gently rub your eyelids and avoid rubbing your lashes. When you need to clean your lashes, use your lash brush and brush gently through your lashes.

2. Do not use oil-based products!

All oil-based skin care products, creams or cosmetics are a no-go when it comes to taking care of your lashes! 👀

Be sure to choose products labeled "oil-free" to ensure the longevity of your lashes. When in doubt, always remember to ask for an employee, or read the ingredient list!

3. Pause your mascara

The great thing about lash extensions is that you have lovely, long, full lashes without having to wear mascara. We know that some of you may still want to wear mascara once in a while, and that's okay, as long as it's a mascara made for lash extensions. Wearing no mascara is best when it comes to extending the life of your lashes.

If you absolutely must use mascara, make sure it is ONLY a water-based mascara. Remember that there is a difference between waterproof and water-based mascara. So take a good look at the labels! When using mascara, be sure to use only one layer and only on the tips of the lashes!

4. Avoid overexposure to moisture and water!

When you expose your lashes with too much water on a constant basis, it can affect the life of the lash! Face washing and regular bathing should not be a problem.

5. Regular filling of lashes

From the outside all the tips I have come up with, then this is the absolute most important! If you stick to your refills approx. every second week. I promise you it will make your lashes look their best. After all, we know that refills make your lashes hold full juicy lashes.

The longer you wait for filling, the harder it is to keep your lashes beautiful. If you go too long without getting a refill, you may need to get a brand new set. So regular refilling is one of the absolute most important. If you have not already booked time for a refill. Then you need to do it before you forget it. I've dropped the link below. 🥰